Take care of your safety and entrust us with your OHS.

Our services for your safety:

Health and safety is an essential part of any organization that wants to ensure that its employees have a safe and healthy working environment.

As part of OSH, we carry out professional activities, preparation of documentation, including identification of risks, implementation of safety measures, training of employees and compliance with legislative regulations regarding safety and health protection at work.

Fire protection represents necessary measures to minimize the risk of fire at every workplace.

We provide fire protection and fire protection technician services in accordance with the Fire Protection Act no. 314/2001 Z.z., decree no. 121/2002 Z.z. on fire prevention and other legal regulations throughout Slovakia.

As part of complete fire protection we can provide for you:

  • Fire protection techniques
  • Fire protection specialist
  • Professional training for your employees
  • We will prepare complete fire protection documentation
  • We will provide preventive fire inspections
  • Comprehensive services in the field of occupational safety for construction projects: creation of an OHS plan for the construction site, professional supervision on the construction site and support from an authorized safety technician.

    • health and safety plan for work at the construction site
    • control, management and supervision of the progress of construction works
    • a plan of works that will be carried out at the same time
    • cooperation plan between employers working at a common workplace
    • physical inspections and inspections at the construction site according to the agreed plan of health and safety inspections for the construction site
    • proposal of technical solutions and OSH measures
    • supervision of compliance with safety regulations
    • alcohol controls

The development of a risk assessment in OSH includes the identification of hazards, their analysis and the design of measures to minimize risks and ensure a safe working environment.


Inspections of personal safety harnesses include regular inspections and testing for wear or damage. They thus protect employees from possible health damage.


Development of a HACCP plan and professional advice for food establishments.

This tool is essential for any food handling facility, as it enables the identification of potentially hazardous raw materials in terms of toxic substances and microorganisms, the determination of possible sources of danger and points of contamination, as well as the assessment of risks and possible health complications.

A regular maintenance and service review includes:

Systematic examination, testing and repair of electrical installations and energy equipment. The goal is to identify potential problems, prevent malfunctions and ensure optimal performance of systems and equipment. Projection of future needs and modernization can also be part of this process.

Revisions and inspections of hand tools help minimize the risk of fires, electrical shocks and equipment malfunctions.

Revisions are carried out in the following cases:

  • always after a repair has been made
  • after each suspected or detected malfunction
  • regularly within the specified time limits according to the relevant standards and regulations

We can provide for you:

  • Head protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye and face protection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Hand protection
  • Work clothes
  • Work shoes
  • Fall protection
  • Mask
Nástroje pre energetiku

Tools and equipment for energy

On the slovak market, we represent the manufacturing company VILLBEK Ltd., it is an accredited manufacturing company that not only manufactures but also develops new products for the energy industry.